Free access to the São Paulo Conference on Radiology (Jornada Paulista de Radiologia - JPR), considered the largest event of radiology in Latin America.

Free access to the Update Course in Imaging (Prof. Dr. Feres Secaf) - the second largest SPR event in scientific content.

Free access to the meetings of the Clube Manoel de Abreu - a program that integrates scientific classes, case discussions, and social activities.

Registration in Advanced Courses - ENRC, GETO, GERME, GERA and others - with exclusive discounts.

Access to Hybrid Courses - Emergency Radiology Module 1 - Surviving the medical duty and Module 2 - Mastering the medical duty; Imaging in Endometriosis; Musculoskeletal Intervention by Ultrasonography; Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography; Doppler; Safety in Radiology and ACR BI-RADS® - with exclusive discounts.

Free access to the Residency Radiology Online Course and registration, to the Traditional Radiology Online Course - Single Modules (exclusive discounts).

Free access to Study Groups and the Roengten Club; possibility of presenting cases and receiving participation certificates.

Access to SPR's Digital Video Library - classes available for rental from the main events of the entity.

Free access to the Cases of the Week.

Support to SPR's work, especially in the defense of radiologists, the scientific development and the dynamization of the specialty.

Possibility to teach in SPR's courses/events.

Networking with colleagues in the area.

Maintaining the connection with the evolution of the specialty.

Exclusive discounts in events of national and international partner entities, in addition to exchange programs such as the SPR - AIRP Contest and Progetto Diventerò.

15. Free advertising in the Business and Opportunities section of Jornal da Imagem.

Access to an exclusive space for members and associates in JPR.