Members and corresponding partners of SPR can pay the annual fee through the link available in the "Annual Fee" tab.
The association/agreement contribution is annual; therefore, it must be paid by March of the current year. There is usually the possibility of early payment in December of the previous year (e.g., December 2022 referring to the 2023 Annual Fee).
The SPR member/affiliate pays the membership contribution only once during the year, and, with their financial obligations up to date, they will be able to enjoy all the benefits offered by SPR to active members/affiliates.

Active members and affiliates receive exemption in the pre-registration of JPR and the Feres Secaf Course and can still participate in the Manoel de Abreu Club, Roentgen Club and Study Groups without participation fee. The other courses and events have a different registration fee, even though they are exclusive to active members.

Attention! non-medical audience (radiology technicians, technologists, biomedical professionals, etc.): classes with medical content cannot be attended/attended by non-medical professionals, pursuant to article 1 of Resolution of the Federal Council of Medicine nº 1.718/2004 . Pay attention, therefore, to the specific programming.
The Annual Fee payment is available until March of the year corresponding to the Annual Fee. After this date, all members and affiliates who have not made the payment will become inactive and will have their benefits and access temporarily blocked.

To regularize your situation, click on the "Annual Fee" tab tab or contact the SPR Relationship Department at socio@spr.org.br.
Access the Registration Update icon, located inside the Restricted Area.
The cancellation of the association/agreement is not automatic, therefore, to request its withdrawal, the member/member must send an email to the address socio@spr.org.br formalizing their request. The cancellation of the association/agreement is not linked to non-payment of the annual fee.
The affiliation procedure will be the same for new subscribers, that is, it must be done through the form available at: "Join us". The association/agreement will undergo an analysis and within up to five working days the department will contact you to make your association/agreement official. Upon reactivation, registration is exempt.
Each SPR event has a different date for completion of registration. SPR members and affiliates have priority in the registration and, considering the final pre-registration period (the one that can be done online in the stipulated period, according to the availability of vacancies), the non-associated/affiliated must join/agree up to seven (7) days before its closing.


The SPR Relationship area is available to assist you by e-mail socio@spr.org.br.